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Wanguard + InfluxDB = wykresy na sterydach

Wanguard od wersji 7.2 umożliwia użycie InfluxDB (docelowo zastąpi RRDTool) do przechowywania danych z wykresów.

Wanguard 7.2 brings the following new features and changes:

  • Adds support for storing graph data in InfluxDB, as an alternative to using RRD files. While it is possible to use both InfluxDB and RRD backends at the same time, we only recommend using the InfluxDB backend for the following reasons:
    • Adding and deleting decoders for IP graphs does not reset the existing data
    • It enables High Availability setups with graph data stored on redundant, remote InfluxDB servers
    • It is much more space efficient in most configurations
    • Is compatible with our own rendering engine which generates better-looking graphs
    • It allows an easy integration with other third-party products such as Grafana
    • RRDTool support might be deprecated in the future

Instrukcja przejścia z RRDTool na InfluxDB znajduje się w dokumentacji na stronie 21.

InfluxDB – This is the recommended storage engine for most installations. To be able to use it you must first install InfluxDB 1.x from, and then set enabled=true in the [http] section from /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf. InfluxDB URL is mandatory and it should contain the URL to the InfluxDB http or https server (e.g. http:// InfluxDB Username and InfluxDB Password are optional and should be set only if auth-enabled=true in influxdb.conf. Click on the button to create a new InfluxDB database called “andrisoft” which will store the graph data.

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